White Label

Our "White Label" is the fastest and easiest way to get signups to your event. Just create a listing with our editor, change the colors and publish your event. Then you can either use our URL (eg oras.io/listings/test-event) or include the listing as an I-Frame. The I-Frame has the advantage that you only see your name in the navigation bar.

Save time

All data at all times

Less mistakes

Full flexibility


No fixed costs

3 Steps to Success

To get started you need to create an account.
Create listing
You can add a new event in your backend. In the editor you personalize colors, pictures and texts. When you create the prices you have full flexibility. You can settle for running meters or square meters, create multiple categories, create additional options and make all this easy or multiple bookable.
Two options: Use as link (z. B. https://oras.io/listing/name) or I-Frame.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Thomas Nussbaumer
    Thomas Nussbaumer CEO, Biorama Fair Fair

    The handling with the platform worked great for me. I really focused on planning the event and did not have to struggle with annoying little things.

  • Astrid Hackenbeck
    Astrid Hackenbeck Organizer, 'Unikat sucht Liebhaber'

    I love the oras.io support. Their staff are very reliable, helpful and quick to react. Last but not least I feel like the tool really makes my life easier.

  • May-Britt Fischer-Alroe
    May-Britt Fischer-Alroe CEO, Modepalast

    The platform has helped us a lot with our fashion shop "Modepalast" to cope with the large number of applications. The system makes it much easier to keep an overview and, above all, to avoid small mistakes.

  • Sigi Goufas
    Sigi Goufas Co-Founder, Food Entertainment Group

    The perfect marketplace for our street food markets throughout Austria. An optimal interface between marketplace operator and stand operator, the two sides facilitate a smooth, simple and above all secure cooperation.

  • Isabelle Spiegelfeld Oliviera und Luisa Siller
    Isabelle Spiegelfeld Oliviera und Luisa Siller Organizer, Minimarkt

    The service provided by the platform was really great and saved us a lot of time and work. In addition, we and our customers received first-class service. Questions were immediately processed and answered.

  • Klaus Buttenhauser
    Klaus Buttenhauser Event Organizer, Vienna Food Festival

    The tool takes a lot of effort from every organizer. In addition, the potential for mistakes drops, which is very pleasant!

  • Urs Jahn
    Urs Jahn Founder & Manager, midnightbazar

    oras.io makes life easier for us and for our customers. Their customer support is one of a kind!